RiskRator produces a BSA/AML & Sanctions Risk Profile at the Entity Level

Following FFIEC examination guidance as well as Basel and FATF-GAFI international standards, and ISO and COSO guidelines.

Measures the Existence and Effectiveness of the AML/CFT/Sanctions Controls and of the Overall Compliance Program.

Built on the entire base of an institution’s transaction flows, this bottom-up approach is the most comprehensive and rigorous in the industry.

RiskRator provides all the charts needed to understand and communicate the results of the Risk Assessment.

RiskRator also provides a Business Intelligence tool to gain insights into the drivers of your risk and a Data Vault to audit and analyze your data flows.

RiskRator is tailored to your organization’s unique risk profile

RiskRator is supported by Compliance experts throughout the process, not a standalone software.

RiskRator is the only solution that utilizes the entire base of transactions to calculate Inherent Risk.

RiskRator has been reviewed and received strong positive reviews by Regulators.

Customizable to your institution’s unique risk profile – not a one size fits all approach.

  • We assign a senior compliance executive to guide the RiskRator process

    Alongside our client, we:

  • Create a unique profile of each institution detailing its products, services, customers, channels, and geographies,

  • Upload the entity’s transaction data via a secure SFTP process into RiskRator (via Data Collectors)

Inherent Risk: RiskRator quantifies Inherent Risk based on the volume of transactions of the client base by geography and its customer’s use of the entity’s products, services, and channels.

Residual Risk: We evaluate the existence and quality of the Mitigating Controls for each Risk Event based on these scores, RiskRator quantifies Residual Risk on a consolidated basis and by category of risk.

What RiskRator Provides:

Risk Matrices for AML/CFT & Sanctions/Sanctions (OFAC) on a Consolidated level and by Risk Category

Easy to understand and communicate the results of the Risk Assessment 90+ Report Ready Charts and Graphs

Gain Insights into the drivers of your risk and uncover issues and opportunities via a proprietary Business Intelligence Tool

What if Analysis to see how changes in your controls impact your risk profile

A Data Vault to audit the integrity of your data and to view and store all the information used in the assessment